Saturday, November 22, 2008

"Music's the medicine of the mind. " John A. Logan

Long break between posting. I got a blog award from Jesse, over at his blog. Thanks so much by the wat! However, I don't think anyone else I know would appreciate receiving this award considering theirs are family blogs. I didn't post it for that reason.

Christmas is coming QUICKLY and I am afraid due to school this year I will have no money to buy anyone anything unless I do something to make it so that everyone can get presents with out me spending too much. I was thinking of making homemade frames and placing some of my photographs in them. Any input? The one below I made quite a few years ago out of handmade marble paper and a cereal box. Do you think anyone would like receiving something like this?

In other news, marching band is officially over. I caught a cute picture of my little nephews faces in the crowd at today's losing game.


S A R A H said...

That is really clever. I think people would love something like that. I don't have any money to do Christmas this year either, plus I'll be laid up. So I'm designing calenders this year and I'm going to give them to people. They can either enjoy it, or suck on it. Doesn't matter to me. In my opinion, I'd rather get a home made gift than a store bought one any day. It's the thought behind it, the effort it took that means so much more than a price tag.

Girlglasses said...

Calenders, what a wonderful idea! I think I might steal that one. I'm hoping home made appeals to my family and a few of my friends. Even this project will be time consuming.

Anonymous said...

Hi glad you're back take care darling... :)