Friday, May 22, 2009

"Music is an outburst of the soul." Frederick Delius

As I get bigger and bigger I realize that my life will never be the same. Rather than being really worried about keeping my identity and not just being a mom like I was, I find that my perspective has changed.

I am 30 weeks along today! He's coming so soon and I am so happy. Ricky's really involved with this whole pregnancy which is really nice. I felt really alone at first, and sometimes still do, but I know my Ricky is always there.

Now we have to face getting his room put together. I think it should be a lot of fun, but we don't have much. We've recieved some clothing, a blanket and some bibs. We went garage sale hunting and got a few older baby clothing items there. I have enough saved for a crib and a mattress for it but that's about all.

Since I didn't find out I was pregnant until much after I would have wanted, we don't really have the classic weekly "baby bump" photos. We have been slowly creating an album of "Adventures while pregnant" album and it has been a lot of fun. So, here's the latest one: adventure to Ye Olde Renaissance Faire. Enjoy.


S A R A H said...

Your picture looks so cute!

I'm glad Ricky has been so involved in the pregnancy. Have you guys picked out a name yet?

The Jules said...

My only advice (cos I know you're probably quite short of advice), is not to buy too many clothes. Everyone will get you stuff and the sproglet will have grown out of half of it by the time you get round to squeezing him into them!

Good luck!

Anonymous said...


I hope you're well and hope you will stay in touch,