Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"All deep things are song. It seems somehow the very central essence of us, song; as if all the rest were but wrappages and hulls!" Thomas Carlyle

Just a few pictures from the trip. The duck we found at California Adventure. Our feet were taken at a beach (I don't remember which one). The "Knee Man" was taken at the Bands of America Marching band regional in Las Vegas, Davis took 5th! They did really well. We watched the sunset from out hotel room, I love my hair in that picture. The lily was taken at the old mission in San Juan Capestrano, CA. Lilys always remind me of The Star Maiden, one of my favorite childhood books.

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S A R A H said...

It looks like you had an awesome print. I love lilies, too. I think they are my favorite flower.