Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Alas for those that never sing, But die with all their music in them!" Oliver Wendell Holmes

I have been meaning to assemble this Uke for about 3 years. I was thinking of painting some clever design on it first, which honestly would look pretty cool.

Also, I took this the other day at Dee's and it reminded me of the Blog of Unnecessary Quotation Marks


The Mother-Unit said...

The quotation mark thing cracked me up!

Alan said...

Can you paint that without damaging the sound quality???

Hey, was hoping you get a chance to come to Robot Nine and play the Picture Puzzle today.



Girlglasses said...

Ha ha, I had never actually expected the Uke to play. I half think that my consistent poor ability to read directions would cause me to build it incorrectly and cause the sound quality to cheapen and not painting it.

The quotation thing is everywhere, actually, I found it in Denny's! I am shocked no one proofread it.

The Jules said...

That looks cool. I always fancied building a cigar-box uke myself, only cigar boxes are not that easy to come by. I'd get emphysema if I had to empty a new one myself . . .

I suppose I could use a tutle's torso, a la 20,000 leagues under the sea. Right, off to the aquarium!