Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"My idea is that there is music in the air, music all around us; the world is full of it, and you simply take as much as you require. " Edward Elgar

These past couple weeks have been filled with life changing events.

My dear, sweet, loving cat Gustav died a day after my last post. I had him for only 2 1/2 years, however I felt racked with grief. He was my companion and was there through so many trying times in my life. Plus, he cuddled with me underneath the covers and held paws! He had kidney stones that cause his bladder to back up, I didn't see the warning signs and he of course couldn't tell me he was in pain. He got toxic, and I thought he was throwing up because he got into one of my plants. I took him into the vet where they preformed a rather expensive procedure. While they were in the middle of the procedure little Gustey's heart gave out. He died in his sleep. The vet didn't charge me for anything but the initial check up, the anesthetic, and the cremation. I was thinking of getting a little bow tie tattoo in memory of the little guy, perhaps by my left clavical. It will take me a while to get to the point where I am able to do that money wise. I may be the worst painter in the world, I painted this about 30 minutes after I found out he died. I still plan on finishing it, maybe water coloring the background. If it seems like I was was obsessed with the little guy, perhaps I was, but in my opinion he was family.

The second bit of news will have to wait until later. It's good news, though, don't worry. Don't bother guessing, I won't budge.

I hope everyone's holiday's went well. I made most of my gifts for the adults as planned. I made button flowers for the women, which actually turned out so cute. I kept one little bouquet for myself. I'll post a picture later. I made a couple bracelets. I decided not to make picture frames because I thought they would be pretty taste specific. Maybe I'll do that next year and just have people choose. I did spend a little bit of money on my nieces and nephews and it was worth it. I love those munchkins.

New years! I have resolutions, of course.
1. I plan on getting my associates degree
2. I am going to write everyone I have addresses for, old school style.
3. I am going to work out to keep healthy.
4. Save money, save money, save money.
5. I am cutting out simple sugars and deep fried foods in favor of fruit and veggies, I much prefer fruit in taste anyhow.
6. I am going to be 22 this year, so I am going to do something every 22 year old should do. Own a car that I can drive.

I wish everyone the happiest of years and cannot wait to start posting in 2009! See you guys then!

Anyone know if it's bad to taste something metallic in your mouth all the time? It's freaking me out.


S A R A H said...

The metallic taste could be an iron problem or several other nutrients. If it doesn't go away I'd get it checked out by a doctor just in case.

I hope you semester break was well, despite your cat dying. I totally understand. My parents had to put the family dog down that we've had since I was 13. It was absolutely terrible. I miss that damn dog. I told Erik she was like a sister to me, despite how weird that sounds.. she really was. So, I am sorry about your cat and I totally empathize.

Now I'm chomping at the bit to learn about your 2nd piece of news! That's like dangling a carrot and then pulling it away!! haha...

Oh, and you are so CLEVER with your arts and crafts. Man!! I'm jealous!

Have a great new year.

- Sarah

Dina-Dyorre said...

I love animals and always say how much I want a pet, but then deep down I think I wouldn't bear it when they died. Please hold on, it's terrible losing anyone in your family, but life must go on sooner or later...good luck and best wishes for the New Year! x x

P.S. Love the bracelet!

The Jules said...

Sorry to hear about your feline loss. Not a bad way to go but we do invest so much emotion in the damn things don't we.

Is your second piece of news about cake? It's always good if it's about cake.

S A R A H said...

I am, in fact, selling my old camera. It's 8 mega pixels, advanced point and shoot: sony cybershot h7 if you want to amazon the thing. I love it! It comes with the camera bag, stock light filter, battery, battery charger and the all the cords that hook it up to your computer or tv or whatever other thing you want it to hook up to. I think Erik listed it at 230 dollars (or best offer).