Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"Music has been my playmate, my lover, and my crying towel. " Buffy Sainte-Marie

This, by far is the coolest thing I have seen in a long time. Plus the music is my kind of mellow music. (:

My great grandma Hazel and I look alike. Well, we look a little alike. We met each other once. She was the one that accidentally taught my older sister how to curse, and she is the person I get my hazel/green eyes from. That's my Irish grandpop Cleo Evans. I didn't inherit my tiny ears from either of them, clearly.


The Mother-Unit said...

Actually, Cleo is not Irish. He had a great grandpa from Wales if that counts? He's yankee through and through.

You guys do kinda look alike. Mostly you have the same hairdo. Lol I'm joking. You have her eyes and eyebrows.

Girlglasses said...

Huh, I was always told he was Irish. Wow, well, that clears the air a little.